Did you know roughly 50% of USF’s carbon emissions come from over 40,000 student, faculty, and staff commuters? Click below to learn how you can help reduce USF’s carbon footprint, and help improve the environment.

Every day nearly 40,000 students, faculty, and staff commute to the USF campus, releasing carbon dioxide emissions into the atmosphere. Collectively, these emissions account for nearly half of USF’s carbon footprint, while also lowering the air quality of the Tampa Bay area. The good news is you can help! For the price of a couple slices of pizza or a latte, you can “Neutralize Bull Gas!” Your donations will be invested in the protection of environment through reduction in energy and fuel use at USF, and restoration of forest preserves, wetlands, and other natural ecosystems through carbon offsets and renewable energy certificates. USF is the FIRST university in the Florida State University System to implement a program of this nature. By annually offsetting our emissions through the purchase of carbon offsets, we move significantly closer to being a carbon neutral campus. You can click here to make a $5 donation to the USF Carbon Offset Fund Acct # 590082 and learn more.

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